What kind of ice cream do you serve?

We serve a variety of both Ashby’s & Hudsonville flavors.

I love your Milkhouse shirts – can I buy one?

Yes! We’d love to match! You can buy them next time you visit us. We’re working to have the online store up soon!

When does the Milkhouse open for the summer?

Lucky for you, the Milkhouse is open year round! However, from Labor Day to Memorial Day we do have limited daily hours.

It’s not Tuesday, can I still get an ice cream taco?

Unfortunately, no. If we were to try to make an ice cream taco any other day of the week, we’re afraid it could have disastrous universal consequences.

I heard the Milkhouse is owned by a church. Is that true?

No, although the building we’re in is owned by a church, the Milkhouse is a separate for-profit business.

Where do my tips go?

If not otherwise indicated, all tips received are placed into the Milkhouse Foundation, a tax-exempt organization funded by your generosity. The Milkhouse Foundation uses these funds to support our community through donations to numerous charities, non-profits, and local organizations. Employees of the Milkhouse have chosen to donate their tips to the Milkhouse Foundation. However, if you would like to ensure that your tip goes directly to your server, please just specify that to them.

How much does the Milkhouse pay? Are you hiring?

Thanks for your interest in joining our team here at the Milkhouse! Scoopers generally start at $10.10/hour. We’re not hiring at the moment as we’re actually fully staffed for our busy season. Feel free to check in with us next spring. We usually begin hiring for the summer before Memorial Day.

Do you sell your ice cream in stores?

No, however, we can scoop any of our ice creams in pint or quart containers for you to take home!

Do you cater private events or weddings?

We have been known to take our ice cream on the road! Fill out this form if you have an event you’d like us to cater.

How can I do a fundraiser with The Milkhouse?

Please fill out this form and we will follow up with you.